Men who scout for BOYS

This really gets my girl scout cookie goat. One of the longest leaders within the Boy Scouts of America has plead guilty to child pornography charges.

BSA child porn article

“Authorities found 520 images of child pornography, including video clips, on Smith’s home computer, federal prosecutor Bret Helmer said. The images included children engaging in sex acts. ”

“Child porn collectors collect, and they’re pretty prolific in their collections, but also they want to share what they have in hopes that they’ll get more new images that they’ve never seen,” Helmer said.

Something is wrong with our society, because we still cant catch the people who are taking the pics and having the sex..but we lock up the people who watch. Is it that we are mad at them for not doing something about it..or mad because they might have gotten off on it.

Our society needs to follow the trail of filth to weed out the garbage from the gutter. Not look over some pervos shoulder as he wacks his johns to pics of johnboy in the buff….YUK!!!

All child molesters should be castrated.

All rapists must be castrated and punished for longer than their victims live. No death penalty…thats the easy way out. Justice is time in the penalty box til you repay the victim of the energies that were robbed.

on the …eh hmm…other hand with the sparkly glove….

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