THC slows arterial hardening in MICE…

The doctors are biting their words, but they are all talking about the positive effects Mice recieved after taking a few bonghits.

“They fed mice a high-cholesterol diet for 11 weeks. About halfway through that period, they started giving some of the mice very low, daily oral doses of THC — too low to produce any marijuana-like changes in behavior. At the end of the experiment, mice that had gotten the THC showed less blood vessel clogging than did mice that got no THC.”

“We have proven that very low doses of cannabis therapy will have an anti-inflammatory effect that will slow the progression of atherosclerosis in mice,” said Dr Francois Mach, of Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland.

“It is the first study showing any beneficial effect of cannabis therapy on atherosclerosis,” said Mach.

Cannabis creates a high when it binds to receptors called CB1 on the surface of cells in the brain. In the mouse study, another receptor, CB2, which is found on immune system cells and has nothing to do with euphoria, was affected. The dose given to the mice was too low to create a sense of euphoria.”

Blocked arteries – a condition known as atherosclerosis – are estimated to be responsible for up to 50% stroke and heart disease deaths in developing countries each year.