When does the military get to give their opinion?

Ever since dubya joysticked the US mil complex into the current oil grab its become, our military has dili”gently” done its job. Recently, I have to wonder if the entire community ever really gets to say how they feel about which ways the we use our might, and which ways we should use it.

In other words, I wonder if the warrior world ever spoke their minds after war, would be continue to have them. Wouldn’t our men come back and find solutions to Diplomatic policy that dont include SHOCK and AWE.

I think we can develop THC derived riot gear that can curb any war before it ever gets beyond a bad soccer match in Manchester. 10 thousand hit KIF bomb right into the center of Baghdad and Saddam would have sold Iraq for Pizza money.

I want to know from our vets of Iraq what the fuck is going on and how we need to change things so I dont have to listen to anyone tell me how bad we are fucking things up.

We need to buck up, make up and get the world UP to SPEC.’

so..the Osamas and cartels and ESCOBARS and …and… wont get drunk on American Dollars and go berserko when the funding gets pulled or the boat gets busted. ENRONS and WorldCOM execs too…nasty lying bastards that need a mega bonghits of therapy…but still have to owe up to the thousands they spent by paying back the victims thru community service for life.

Fuck locking up everyone but the unkillable.

DEATH in evitable
karma RULES

rogue weed warrior