Lets talk playa stylee

ready set go

for all who know

how much an elbow brings

in downtown somewhere

remember when you smoked out that newbie

and got a friend for life

best buds

wear my shirts(yes you)

and the karma multiplies with every sighting

the more you wear

no matter where

you get merit

brownie points for propagating marijuana healing

spreading the love

alot of myspace friends

are fiending for my shiz

so stay with me

make sure you keep me focused

shits fucking blurry(shes bad bad badass! nerd motherfuckers)

but i got mad new shirts

for folks who aint afraid to share a gander


for proper reasons

props and ganja

and costume

low cost

for u and me

to tell the story

of hows it gonna be

the future is based in value, health and tolerance

smoke as much as you can

and share the kindness with the world

send me snails

hit the site

use contact form

i send you shit

you tell a story

take pics for “proof” of happiness and its pursuit

and we all

change something

hopefully something a big as our world

lets start with home!!! lets tax the wacky and get rid of some alchohol-ICKS