Media WHORES and the POLLS that cause a stampede

Im a sucker for watching media spin. Its kinda like watching a border collie work a 5pack of sheep.

This Poll says Bush, That one says Kerry…and damn if NADER dont keep showing up to scare the dogs AND the herd.

If youre paying attention(not taxes) THATS good..mkay?

If every other noise coming out of your YAPhole is moo or baa….

KEEP ON with your dumbdown mindset!!!

The country needs stupid people to catch bullets, pave the roads, and otherwise do the bidding of those who HAVE!!

If you are a HAVE-NOT, who is tired of donning the animal outfit and want a slice of the PIE, throw in a couple of apples.

Invest in America by getting involved. Even if you have to referee the RAM-head-butting contest. Apathy invites slavery, tyranny and sloppy SEX.

Lots of people all vying for your mojo.

Which way to go?

If youre scared…get yer claws out, back up on your pre-emptive sucker punch hind foot and vote for more BUSHIT.

If you want change..KERRY…if you dont think he will do better…youre fucked anywhoo..

If you want someone to stick your TERRORIST ass in jail cuz you dont like paying attention to pre-CIVIL RIGHTS racist laws like MARIJUANA better vote for whomever is gonna remove ASHCROFT first.

HATE is alive in America whether we like it or not.

For those who still cherish the DREAM, represent!!!

If you are hiding behind the BUSHmaster, prepare to be converted to buSHISH-ka-BOBs!!

good mornin myspacers and dream chasers….

chron in the A.M.