Propaganda in a READY to FEED package..why is the government using bogus new stories to carry out policy?

Man…we as a collective are one stupid fucking herd. The Office of National Drug Control policy actually thinks putting out phony baloney news pieces that they create, are gonna turn young people away from a drug riddled life. “>
progaganda poster
DARE tried that on your parents and look where you are…reading about illegal drugs and how the world will fall apart if you get enticed to try those products which arent approved and taxed by YOUR government. Who’s paying the bills around here anyway.

Its time to rethink our messages and directives and who is giving them to our children. Parents need to have the lead role and be held accountable for how their youngins get to the finish line without tripping on a line of coke or falling into an oxycoffin. Truth, alternatives, understanding and compassion must take the forefront if the next generation is going to learn about personal responsibility, health and wellness. The harder the govt tries, and the more money they spend is a direct result of a failure to understand the problems facing todays youth, combined with a simply lack of patience and committment to the mission of providing better opportunities to the next gen, versus trying to tell them what not to do. Dare a kid to jump and he probably will….Tempt the kid to think like a Winner and you have a chance for that person to grow up with a full set of teeth and an education.

Time to take back this country from lazy politics and greedy capitalists who want you to buy their product instead of the “black” markets. Grow HOME Pot, taxPOTnow, and lets move on to serious issues that plague our great country. Drugs arent the problem, lazy fucking parents and lazier politicians are the enemy. Buck up before you Fuck UP, and pay attention cuz the shits gonna hit the BUSH fan…