Stinkin Badges…

WE def dont need no…!

With the growth of the gaming industry resembling the rise of the Internet of the mid nineties, It always seemed to me that we were trying to create virtual recreation in lieu of getting out of the house and working up a sweat. The Matrix storyline eludes to a time when we will be so plugged in to whats on the box…whats pumping thru a cable feed, what game is so intense one cannot separate reality from fiction… had me pondering.

What other games are out there that arent necessarily electronic, but have us so consumed with winning instead of turning the game off, that we inevitably become losers in a nationwide battle for Rationality.

The Drug War, especially the efforts by the government and law enforcement to enforce unreasonable law concerning the production, distribution, and ingestion/inhalation of cannabis and its various formats/concentrations for public consumption has been haunting the average Joe since 1937.

In Response, I decided to take on the game itself, the one on you and others like you who harm no one, are not victims, and wish only to increase the quality of your life in the here and now….others have called it the Pursuit of Happiness.


Shakespeare wrote in one of his works…that all the world was a stage and all its people ..players(actors).

In solidarity with the men and woment who help put on the show….which is and never will be a GAME…..I can only repeat what I know….

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the GAME… the 420 GAME!!!!!