SNL Smack Down: Tina Fey and Crew bust Palin and McCain in True Sat Nite Fashion

If you missed SNL this past weekend, here are the snippets of what you missed.

And you missed some of the wittiest commentary so far on the Sarah Palin factor as well as some fantastic jabs at the McCain family’s ability to bust a move.

This past Saturday was the most-watched Saturday Night Live in years.

In regards to the ratings, 7.4 million households on average tuned in this past Saturday night.

This was the highest-rates SNL since December 17, 2002.

Back in 2002, the show received big ratings when it had vice president Al Gore as its guest host.

Another funny segment showed the Obama’s throwing down some serious Hip Hop moves while McCain and wife were moving to the beat of a colonial era dance…..nuf said…Im still looking for a clip of it…anyone???