Shut The F..k Up!, Segway Swat-Beijing

How can you not chuckle at this pic. Yes..Segways maneuver by tilting the neck in the direction you want to go..but squatting with a semi-automatic at ready…The Olympics is gonna be one crazy show this summer…

“Members of the Jinan Special Weapons and Tactics team use Segways during an Olympic anti-terrorism training drill in Jinan, eastern China’s Shandong province, on July 2.”

“In recent years, each of China’s 31 provinces have set up SWAT teams. On July 2, the Jinan SWAT team in eastern China’s Shandong province held an Olympic anti-terrorism training drill that featured armed police riding Segways. Officers in precision clutched the vehicles’ posts between their legs while aiming guns at cars and other targets.”(Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY”

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