Obama …talking to this generation!

go obama or go home

Barack Obama…breaking all of the rules that previous Presidential candidates have used to attract supporters, has identifed and addressed the importance of creating dialog with young people…establishing GO:Generation Obama.

Go figure someone else in this country believes this Generation…MY generation…(gen-why…yeah..US!!)is ready for the task at hand…getting the US of A back on top of the global leader board.

He might not get alot of love from our elders….especially those with icy blue blood or eyes that only see red when they see a black man…but what matters is that the people who will inherit this country and run the show are listening and showing their excitement over his policies, ideas, charisma and patriotism.

It is an exciting time to pay attention…and its also one of the most important periods in America’s history where the youth must engage the system in order to change it for the better.

Get registered to vote, get involved…..get patriotic.

Obama is here to stay…..so lets let him lead the way.

—————from Obama’s main site————-

Generation Obama/GO is a locally-based but nationally coordinated grassroots movement led by young activists with a simple goal: electing Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America through field work, political organizing and fundraising.

With a few committed activists and the savvy to reach thousands of people in your community, your GO chapter can play a powerful role for the Obama campaign. As a member of your local GO chapter, you and other members can utilize the many talents of our country’s next great generation in support of the campaign in a variety of meaningful ways.

We should have Barackdavote.com hot in a month….stay tuned for some artistic threads and ideas from the GEN-WHY work group….and if you want to help us build a gen-why support team to make sure Obama gets to Penn Ave and stays there..we can use all the help we can get….Grab a paint brush and help paint the future!