Myspace gets noticed by the big boys

hes got friends...whoop dee fuckin dew

If AOL was the cocaine of the internet during the nineties…MYSPACE is definitely the net’s CRACK. Business Week writes..

“It’s becoming a phenomenon unto itself. With 20 million of its members logging on in October, MySpace now draws so much traffic that it accounted for 10% of all advertisements viewed online in the month. This is all the more amazing because MySpace doesn’t allow those ubiquitous pop-up ads that block your view, much less spyware, which monitors what you watch and infuses it with pop-ups. In fact, the advertising can be so subtle that kids don’t distinguish it from content. “It’s what our users want,” says Anderson.”

While I myself have become intrigued by MYSPACE’s networking capacity and ability to cross-pollinate ideas and people..the community has been corrupted by the same garbage that proliferates the net. Pervs, Predators, Pornographers, Hustlers, Pimps, Whores and scumbags all inter mingle with 14 to 40 year olds. Maybe thats good for Murdochs bottom line…but it will leave a blight on society if it continues to go the way of the gutter…..oh wait..MTV networks has that shit on LOCK!

Where did all the hackers go..and what community will spring up to trump MYSPACE’s claim to being the IN place????

and…since we are thinking about it…Is Murdoch going to put us in little pods with internet terminals embedded in our asses so we can get milked for every ounce of mojo in our bodies…MATRIX style???

is this the future of POD casting or a new flavor of Soilent Green?

The MYSPACE has you…