Asian Weed “GANGS” ?! invade CALI..

yakuza hukaville in the valley?

Ok…the story is real..but jeez…sounds a little too hollywood. We have Cubans from New Jersey in Florida banging out the buds…Illegal Aliens churning pounds in our national forests….and now..what …the yakuza is gonna take over the kind side of the world and make us eat ramen soup while we do a bong rip.

All I have to say is BS!

Weed people need to start acting like Americans…


let me rephase…..

Americans need to OWN the entire industry and allow some sort of…to go towards keeping the GANGS of GANJA out of our growing fields.


America is for Americans. If you are asian….grow weed as an asian american. If you are mexican….get legit….cuban….stick with coffee and cigars.

Marijuana-filled houses crop up in quiet suburbs

Drug agents suspect Asian organized crime cartels are behind rash of hidden marijuana groves in state’s subdivisions