World Wide Web of Weed


Its everywhere you are…in every format you want….from edibles, to inhalables , flower to concentrate, medicine for the ailing, catalyst for healing…aromatherapy for resetting the mind….The global cannabis movement is exponentially increasing and we at gen-why believe in supporting the groups, individuals and ideas that will improve the quality of life for us….right now and for generations to come.

Look out for partnerships with Girls Gone Weed, King of Pot Productions, MPP, NORML, The Cannabis Action Network….

Media Outlets like Heads, Cannabis Culture, High Times, Skunk Magazine and others…

Activists like Jack Herer, Ed Rosenthal, Keith Stroup, Kevin Zeese, Marc Emery,
Dennis Peron……

and dont forget about the importance of Pop culture and the many television, cable(WEEDS!!) and news shows that expose the truth about cannabis, as well as mainstream Films that educate as the entertain us, Like HOMEGROWN, Saving Grace, etc

Stayed tuned….in…on….but dont lose faith…..or you will lose out.