US Military stressed to the max says Gen Myers…like we didnt know?

“WASHINGTON — The Defense Department acknowledged yesterday that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have stressed the US military to a point where it is at higher risk of not meeting operational goals and could face difficulty in dealing with potential additional foes, though officials maintained that US forces could handle any military threat.”

Gen Myers visiting an injured marine

Sure, we can handle any threat, but at what cost. Recruiting and morale are low, the president seems to be confused on how to motivate his crusaders, and those who dislike America are salivating like hyenas, waiting for a weak spot to open up so they can harm us too.

Did we invite this fantastic period of prosperity, or did someone..something decide to throw civility and compassion to the wind?

Petroleum is a commodity, people and their societys are priceless. We as a county need to negotiate a less violent approach to global diplomacy..

OR NOT…who’s paying for this shit anyway?