Tons of COKE found in SW Columbia—Dave Chapelle spotted running from scene…

BOGOTA, Colombia May 14, 2005 — Leftist guerrillas, a far-right paramilitary group and a drug trafficking organization all had a stake in 15 tons of cocaine seized in southwest Colombia, the largest haul ever in this South American country, police said Saturday.

Ok…so somebody lost some momentum slingin the yay-yo up the channel..but are these token “busts” really doing anything except fucking up the world by increasing black market prices whick loot America and other nations resources just as bad as OPEC going to $100 a barrel.

We need to figure “Coca’s” place in the grand scheme of things then tax the Columbians til they stop humping the chowder north and start growing more weed. American addicts have paid for Latin America’s economic growth since they took the caine out of the COLA.

Somebody needs to Robin Hood a few trillion from Escobar and company and bring that MOJO back home where it belongs.