Thumbnail Farmaceuticals and Visual Rutting

So, I’m musing my mad obsession with myspace, a thumbnail driven community of under 50 somethings.. and its unique way of weaving a gazillion people under one fabric. I can’t and don’t really want to know what the coders,software geeks all think that put the software together, because that whole concept of a bunch of dudes hammering out line after line after..oh know geek stuff. Im afraid to think who sweats a big system in order for a myspace ant farm to happen…capiche??

Then it hits me..thumbnails are the easiest way to view the world given how much our brain can take in…but after that…more …..!!!

People emit persona…personality..and should be able to resound it at the thumb level to play this game of who’s in who’s pile of friends and comments and muah-ville. Ladies test their prancing and men flex for themselves likes its everybodys bidness. Words are obsolete, and artists have known this much longer than your average “dude.”

Photos make the world go we pump some hues up each others eyelids in order to get response. Kinda pyscho but life affirming nonetheless. An artist puts himself under massive scrutiny when a piece is let free from the studio. So should those who steer traffic on the net. Ultimate visual accountability. Are you attracting or distracting to others…do you herd people to your site..or can your keyboard be herd resounding from the wake of fans who cry for an encore?

Who wants a shirt? holler at the rogue weed warrior…