Tased and Abused in Florida..or is this a NATIONAL thang?

Mr Wheeler didnt want to give a urine sample while under duress…
tased, abused and violated in florida

When Wheeler didn’t produce a sample, his arms and legs were strapped to the bed and he was again ordered to urinate. When he still wouldn’t cooperate, nurses at the hospital attempted to insert a catheter into Wheeler’s penis, at which time he began “thrashing around,” according to the police report.

An officer at the scene who was not among the arresting officers, Peter Linnenkamp, jumped on the bed and put his knees on Wheeler’s chest to restrain him. When even that failed to get Wheeler to produce the urine sample, Linnenkamp pressed his police-issue Taser against Wheeler’s leg, sending a 5-second burst of 50,000 volts of electricity through Wheeler’s system.

A few moments later, when Wheeler continued to refuse to allow the nurses to insert the catheter, Linnenkamp tasered him again.

According to Linnenkamp’s report of the incident, “After the second shock (Wheeler) stated he would urinate, and calmed down enough to be given the portable urinal.”

When the story broke it prompted an internal police investigation, which resulted in an April 18 indictment of Linnenkamp on the charge of battery. Linnenkamp, who otherwise has a clean record over 18-years on the force, may lose his job and pension and could – though it’s unlikely – do a little jail time.

“Based on what we have as evidence, this was not a safety issue. This was a compliance issue to provide urine. So that rises to a level of a criminal act. In this case, it’s a misdemeanor battery,” said state attorney’s spokesman Randy Means.

“This was not within the scope of his duty. The Taser is supposed to be for compliance, officer safety and public safety,” Means said.

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