Steve Kubby tells it like is..

Alot of Cannabis activists talk smack, but Steve Kubby has some great advice on his site..or if you ever need assistance when facing a crisis similar to his.

“2. NONVIOLENCE – We don’t want to kill our enemies, only expose their lies and their greed for power over others. Any form of anger on your part must be left at the door, or it will make you no better than your adversaries and bring failure to your efforts. Only when others sense your commitment to the high road, will the justice you seek become possible. Those who attended my trial saw that I always wore a suit and showed respect. I even held doors open for my prosecutors, so they could push in their huge cart filled with 4,000 pages of lies against me. My polite behavior only made their accusations look more wild and ridiculous.”

Advice to Defendants | The Shadow Cabinet