ST LUCIE grow houses busted…

Some stupid potheads have guaranteed that lil ol St Lucie county will be a haven for coke, heroine, meth, and oxy’ over 10 major grow ops got busted after some really stupid mofos asked for typical southern grace.

its fucking oregano, bro

What started Monday as a report of a man chasing someone with a machete turned into the largest bust of a marijuana-growing operation in city history, with investigators raiding 11 indoor pot farms described as a multi-million dollar “criminal enterprise.”

City police shut down eight marijuana grow houses containing hundreds of plants and found 22 pounds of pre-packaged marijuana at a ninth location, while St. Lucie County sheriff’s investigators found 140 plants and 12 pounds of pot at two Lakewood Park addresses, according to officials and arrest reports.

In total, 19 alleged grow houses and a 20th residence used as a stash house have been shut down by police and sheriff’s investigators in less than two weeks in what police have described as the largest marijuana-growing operation in city history.

Heres a pic of one of the winners in this months ..bust a grow lottery…
another one bites the dust...bring on the blow!!!