Segways on uphill struggle in Colorado’s high country

rado segway

While most areas in colorado have embraced segways eco friendly electric concept…the states most liberal town..Boulder has been bullying segway owners as toy operators.

Sanford Greenberg, who sells Segways at First Class Imports in Boulder, said the city is “backward” when it comes to the two-wheeled, battery-powered devices. Boulder’s “environmentally friendly, sophisticated, affluent” residents, he said, should like the products.

“Boulder is supposed to be a progressive town, but I think it’s behind in an area where I’d think they would be up front,” said Greenberg, a 30-year resident.

However, a Boulder ordinance prohibits “motorized toy vehicles” on public streets, paths and sidewalks and puts Segways in that category, said Carl Castillo, the city’s policy adviser.

The city will enforce it, too. Greenberg says he once was given a citation by a Boulder police officer for standing on a Segway on a sidewalk.

Charlotte Sorenson, who heads a group called Walk Boulder and refers to herself as a “pedestrian advocate,” is among those stubbornly opposed to Segways.

She said the company has won the support of state governments with its “shrewd marketing blitz” but argues that the gizmos belong on streets designed for motorized traffic, not on footpaths.

“Sidewalks are meant for walking,” she said. “Not an onslaught of motorized toys that would jeopardize the safety of countless people who use them for health and recreation and community enjoyment.”