squeeeeeeze em
I wrote this after far too many men thought I was the model in one of GEN-WHY’s shoots.
Granted…Hugh wanted men to buy his mag right…but he never wanted someone else’s boner in his face.

this is what I told my myspace compatriots with HARD-ONS for my pics….

Gentlemen ..and the guys and boys that read this…you are looking over the shoulder of a MAN. Eye candy is good if you let it breath! Dont send me an add request without a pic. Most of Myspace is a sham anyhow, but sometimes Reality manifests in odd ways. I had a previous account on myspace with a considerably larger audience and Im almost relieved to have fewer relations than before. My message..and there is one!!, is embedded in the visuals. If you dont get it, move one. Ever see a tee shirt design on somebody and wonder where the heck it came from…..???? Generation Why is a art project that started on JUNE 19th, 1999. Some people have their own special days that they can never delete from the hard drive. This is Generation Why’s birf-day. Nothing will change the past. There are but a few gentlemen left. I am a man…male…heter-oh-sexual, and very single. I design clothing and it seems to be working out. I work as a photographer on the side and have cultivated some great connections in the entertainment industry …including the adult world. Im hellishly celibate. Not by choice, but by locale. The pick of the crop around here is gnarly. There are alot of ladies making an attempt at the trophy and it takes its toll on many. Im glad Im not a female in the place. South Florida is not my country. Its the northernmost colony of the Columbias. Too many of my friends were brought up on Scarface instead of Saturday Night Live. Humor finds no friends in the land of chowder. I am still funny as fuck though. Celibacy works with the internet. Amen to those who are media friendly. Originally from the DC/NOVA area, I moved to Florida to start GEN-WHY. Most of the silk screeners I approached to do my stuff were afraid of getting wacked my some mysteriously LARGE corporation from the shadows. Fuck them for their cowardness…punks! I came to Florida and started cranking in Spring of 2000. Its been a trip. Lost three close friends to karma and dont want to lose anyone or anything else ever again. So I dont grasp or hold onto anything. If its meant to run…I let it..including my mouth. I will eat my words if they have my dressing on it. My foot fits nicely and keeps me from grindin… I make the shirts, the stickers and more.. I am an advocate for the legalisation of marijuana and believe that one day things will be much different than they are now. I want to see a tax on pot and see it regulated, so that “the people” own the market and not some private contractors that become big ass private companies that loot the american people. I think Bush shucked when he should have jived. Cest La vie, cest la guerre. We all reap what we sow. Plant seeds people. Karma quantity if you want. Change is coming… Things are happening… Would love some help….