Photoblogs..the future barometers of genetic pressure

Sounds Good…Looks better!
OK, I dont flow as well as I once did, so I will make these words short and useful.
Everything works from a visual aspect.
At least what you are doing right now.
Reading this sentence….but…
in the meantime..
you could have watched a reel of film, several frames of video..or several high quality images of successive event.
All could impress the desired information upon you..but which is best.
..and that fucking karma shit.
Its like a klingon of energetics. If YOU KNOW you’re fucking up..
YOU will kick yourself in the ass.
Im trying to tell you this before you actually kick yourself.
I dont have children….for the pressure is LOW.

Pay attention to the thumbanils and JPEGS, and avi’s
and you can forecast what you want.
Just depends on what you watch…or put in front of your PUPILS.

made you look, you dirty crook