Pharrell and friends make a “DOPE” ass movie

While it came out a year ago, most of you probably have not caught a glimpse of the movie “Dope”…directed by Pharrell Williams.

Now that its available on Netflix, I recommend you put it on your watch list.

It’s a “slippery slope!”

The movie has elements from so many aspects of life you will need to take notes, but it will be worth it in the end. Not all of us can go to Harvard, but we all know about what happens when something goes viral on the net, bitcoins, the dark web, yup…and 90’s hiphop. Alot of 90’s hiphop.

While most of the original music in the movie was written by Pharrell, the placement of Walk The Duck’s “Poppin Off” during the chaotic scene in the middle of the movie is quite brilliant.

I heard “Poppin Off” on XM Satellite radio in Jan of 2013 and was immediately hooked.