Myspace is DA Place du jour

oh tommy boy

Yep…all you clicktards can give a holler..cuz, the worlds most worn out “cumdumpster” of- a social networking digital community has racked up the highest number of unique hits in one day last month and was recently tooted as the numero uno of digitalis universus.

Hitwise ranked myspace #1.

thank you tom….(

which means everybody is out to get



technology can help us and hurt us

anybody’s ass numb?



“Facebook and Xanga were second and third says Hitwise.

Tancer said the Internet right now is in an “active state of hyper-innovation,” allowing for rapid changes in what’s popular.

For example, Hitwise’s rankings of online video search-and-play sites has been a game of virtual leapfrog lately. Yahoo video search was most popular before the SNL Lazy Sunday skit brought to the forefront. Now, MySpace has taken the lead because it allows video players on any user’s page. “