IHOP buys Applebees..

puffy clouds

I had to post this pic..of my ihiphop design..born in 99..its been hot since…and apparently so has IHOP corporate…making enough dough to buy up a nicer and albeit more family oriented style restaurant..

If anyone of you has an investment mindset…check the stock market stats of the companies i spoofed in my first design run in 99-2000..

if you put your money where i put my humor and spoof-ology..you would be laughing..

all the way to the bank..rather…dank of america


if you got this far…leave me a comment on my profile…
love to hear from the HEARD…

moo to you if you are just herd….

bla bla black sheep
have you any clue?



yes..i need help..in more ways then one..