I thought it was the Oakland Raiders…San Fran DEA raid medical marijuana club

dickheads on my doorstep makes me pissy

HopeNet Medical Cannabis Cooperative gets busted after a two year investigation.

Only feds were used..no state po–po on this one.

“I can tell you that it is a clear violation of federal law to cultivate, possess and distribute marijuana,” said McEnry when asked why federal agents would raid a medical cannabis cooperative operating under California law. “Today, as the DEA, we enforced federal drug laws and conducted a lawful search of these four locations and we seized marijuana.”

“It was a DEA only investigation and did not receive any assistance from the police,” said McEnry.

I wonder if Arnold gave the go ahead on this one?

HopeNet is in a crack riddle part of San Fran. Wonder why the men in black cant stop the rock of white before they pounce on an ounce of green?