Hunter Taught Us Gun Control

My friend has this wicked little..albeit monster..log home east of Basalt, Colorado. He runs several revenue streams for Aspen Ski Company that includes bringing Airplanes with..people into the Roaring Fork Valley. Hunter S. Thompson despised my friend because the flight pattern into the Aspen airport was right over Hunter’s head.

Having that been said, there are also of varmints in Colorado and I have no doubt that Hunter was adept at sniping this little fux from there ground hog hole condos like a precision bomber over Bosnia. A stray rumor ran that Hunter would shoot his handgun in the sky(glock?) in the direction of some of these flying vermin(my friend’s airplanes) that had wings bigger than HE.

Mr. Thompson is no longer stressed from the whining engines of descending planes into Aspen. He used both hands and nailed the booger right on the money. We were all admittedley affected by this harsh affair, having glowed in Johnny Depp’s youthifying of Bill Murray’s “Where the Bufffalo Roam” role and …heck I even expected to see this character in future movies. In his role as Thompson, Depp showed us that we can all hit bottom and come up mumbling. This might not sound like much, but when you think you’re down for the count, buck up like Hunter and write a story.