Grand Prairie is the Place to ….

Grow pot and wreck helicopters.

vegetation nation

GRAND PRAIRIE – After the biggest pot bust on Texas record, Grand Prairie police say they are seeing a new trend, an increase in the demand for marijuana.

Over the weekend, police seized $5 million worth of marijuana on the Grand Prairie-Dallas city line. The DEA found more than 10,000 plants.

Better for America if Americans smoke domestic versus smuggled herb….cha….

Demand UP???? NOOOOO…….you dont say….?

The Video..

But it doesnt stop in the Prairie..

Another large pot farm found in Dallas County

Authorities say they found a large marijuana farm Sunday not far from where a crop of more than 10,000 marijuana plants(Grand Prairie) were found a week ago.

DEA officials used a helicopter to locate the marijuana plants but decided it was too late to access them from the ground. Officials plan to get into the farm early Monday and start investigating, Wyatt said.

Wait…it gets crazier…

guns in the sky...inXs

Traffic helicopter down in Grand Prairie

The crew had just reported on an 18-wheeler accident in Palmer and was headed to Fort Worth just before 7 a.m. for breaking news, said KDFW-TV assignment editor Scott Lewinter.

When it rains helicopters…and the DEA cant keep their own front lawn mowed….something is wrong …

Bush BE GONE!!!