GET BURNT….Donovan is the new Bruce Willis

GET BURNT….Donovan is the new Bruce Willis

If you havent been watching the boob tube recently, you probably missed some of the cool new shows that are out there.

My favorite new show is Burn Notice and Im not the only one to speak highly of its fantastic characters and intriguing storyline.

Jeffrey Donovan has helped make USA’s summer spy series, set in Miami, a smash hit


Palm Beach Post Television Writer

“Since debuting in June, Burn Notice (airing at 10 p.m. today on the USA Network) has become a hit with both viewers and critics. The show, already renewed for a second season, averages 4 mil- lion viewers each week (a smash by basic cable standards) and has earned mostly glowing reviews. In fact, the Los Angeles Times compared Donovan to Bruce Willis, going as far to boast that the 39-year-old actor has “charisma to burn.”

To prepare for the role, Donovan says he traded e-mails with a real fired spy. “He was in Lebanon at the time we were shooting the pilot, and he was very helpful with specifics on how you hide what you truly feel in every situation,” says Donovan. “You become a little paranoid about everybody. I wanted to bring that to Michael Westen so that every conversation he has, you always see him thinking about some other thing going on in that moment.”

That Donovan, last seen as a brilliant detective in the short-lived USA Network series Touching Evil, took the time to carefully research Michael’s back-story is no surprise. Donovan, after all, earned a master of fine arts degree from New York University. He’s an intense perfectionist who reads The New York Times Arts section between scenes and who speaks four languages, including Russian.

USA Network has reinforced the shows longevity with a fantastic web-based support site…