Fox whips up on Aqua Teen

Devices of EVIL

A few days after Aqua Teen Hunger Forces’ quirky street art marketing blitz for its new movie set off terror alerts in Boston, you gotta wonder who the real idiots are.

perps a million

Graffiti is part and parcel of todays urban landscape…and this art isnt confined to paint and wheat paste.

Fox News has been the biggest witchhunter out there…doing everything in its power to make the street crew that placed the Boston installations on the hot seat.

Young people..this is your sign….the old guard is losing its mind and its time to step up and take your rightful place in society.

No longer must you feel like an outsider…today…you are an insider…a patriot.

Those that send smoke signals of distress and disorder should be punished….

Fuck Murdoch and his cronies.