Dueling to DIE..Flori-duh’s fucked up gun law.

I wonder who will be the first person to die from the changes to Floridas gun laws. If you are in fear of your life, you can use lethal force to stop your aggressor before he harms you.

So..if you are a cop..perhaps a “dirty” one…and you make your business by locking up other people because of your personal beliefs instead of following mandate from a legitimate govt perogative…..and the person you are trying to lock up thinks he is IN fear of his life because he “knows” someone will rape him in the jail YOU(“dirty” cop) are gonna lock him up in…

SOME body is gonna catch a bullet….most likely a dirty cop…or a 50 cent wannabee

—>>>seems to me ..criminals will be shooting first and reviewing the details ex poste facto..or..post mordem…facto…

The DRUG WAR is ethnic cleansing..which is pre-racism. Drug war hawks may think they have legitimate beliefs and concerns..but without a cool and detached magistrate AND a firm understanding of karmic repercussions…they are quietly destroying OUR nation.

Enough is enough.

Stand up or forever on your knees.

Please respect the rights of others.

Privacy is a right..dont invade other peoples space unless it is required…by a higher power.

HUMANS must respect each other for us to live in a civil society.

Draconian drug laws(shitty ones) gotta go.

Common SENSE will reign…starting …NOW…