CSMP announces Miami Beach decriminalization initiative.

“We are confident that the progressive and enlightened citizens of Miami Beach will agree that it’s time we stop driving people to drink with excessive penalties for the use of a far safer substance,” Banister said. “And if they do not yet know how much safer marijuana is than alcohol and the savings garnered by ending a failed policy, we will be working hard to educate them over the course of this campaign.”

CSMP announces Miami Beach decriminalization initiative.

and tax the bejesus out of it..properly…by putting the burden on caregivers to break free from the shitbird business.

From your lips to gods ears.  Or mine.

But seriously, South Florida was caught off guard after 911 because nobody really believed the Caribbean herb channels would get shut down to nada thanks to Gitmo.

Ever since, Miami is moving much faster, as if they were the chasing the pastels of Don Johnson.  Not necessarily on the healthy side at least.  Something does have to give and if a whole bunch of herb will sop up some of the alkaloid that is seeping from the gutters down there, it sure would make a sojourn south much morn intriguing.  HINT HINT.