Chill out to squelch pain gains.

Whether your a big money athlete, #crossfit maniac or an athlete recovering from an injury or surgery….cryotherapy is in vogue and seems to be picking up steam and fans as its popularity grows around the world.

While many people still have the impression that cryotherapy requires one to submerse in ice water, the newest method only requires a few minutes and some liquid nitrogen.

Lebron James is using cryo therapy to keep his teams dreams alive in the NBA this year while dealing with multiple injuries, Usain Bolt uses one after eating his yams and Christiano Ronaldo uses it to keep his feet happy.

“As a former pro-athlete I’ve put my body through the ringer,” Marc Megna, co-founder of Anatomy at 1220, told Medical Daily. “I have had several surgeries because of the violent nature of my sport. Training plays a huge role in my life, as I’m constantly training to maintain optimal health.”

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