Cali Pot Clubs charged with trafficking

I snagged this tidbit of info from my med mj doc in cali..Doctor Tom O’Connell.

“SAN DIEGO – Federal prosecutors accused six people Thursday of illegally trafficking pot under the cover of California’s medical marijuana laws — in some cases processed into baked goods, “Reefer’s” peanut butter cups and “Splif” peanut butter.

unjustly accused?

State charges were filed against Sullivan’s THC dispensary and four other independent operations in San Diego. Prosecutors say these dispensaries sold marijuana or marijuana-based products with little concern for legitimate medical need.”

‘Deputy Public Defender Juliana Humphrey – who represented several of the defendants yesterday, but not Sullivan – noted in court that the state’s medical marijuana law allows patients to use pot, but there’s no place to get it.

She said the men she represented yesterday were “seeking to provide medicine in a safe environment and make real the promise of a law that was enacted 10 years ago.”