BAD COPS get no pastries

Found an interesting new site that mentions several cases regarding police and judicial corruption in Florida.


beat down time okie stylee

Generation Why was established in June of 1999 to bring attention to police corruption and complicity in South Florida…most notably in St Lucie County and Palm Beach County.

Seems others have stepped up to the plate and blown their whistle too!

Is anybody listening…is there anybody courageous enough to call these bogus badge holders on their actions?

Seems the Feds lack the balls to take on the “Good Ole Boy” network and they did pretty much help build the “Blue Wall of Silence.”

By supporting GEN-WHY you help us keep the air flowing thru the whistle and hopefully someone with a nutsack…or some respect for the system will step up and help the little guys fight back against naked racism, ethnic hatred and outright treason.

….and if you are one of these dirty boys in blue or one of the lawyers/judges who has helped enabled this non-sense…doom on you.

A slab of concrete with “US GOVT PROPERTY” has your name on it.

..its called PRISON.